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Flour Range

We have developed a delicious range of flours and premixes, perfect for the home baker. Available in 4kg and 1.2kg boxes, find our latest stockists here.

Milling flour for over 80 years means that we know a great deal about producing the finest quality flour. Our home baker range gives you consistent and premium flour which we know you will be delighted with.

We only buy direct from local grain growers who reach our five-step Gold Grain Standard. Our confidence in our raw materials means that you can be confident in your end results. Check out our recipes to see what fabulous breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits and puddings you can make.

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Crusty White Bread Premix

This is a very popular premix for bread machines and produced a delightful, crusty loaf of wonderful volume, appearance and flavour. Extremely versatile, our Crusty White Bread Premix produces excellent results for a white range of white bread products (fresh or frozen), whether made by machine or hand.


First Quality Bakers Flour

This flour is unbleached and ideal for the home baker who wishes to create their own masterpiece. Produced from a combination of high quality hard and premium wheats grown on the Eyre Peninsula, means you'll love the end result.


Soy & Linseed Bread Premix

Great for the health conscious! Our Soy & Linseed Bread Premix produces a pleasantly flavoured and attractive loaf which remains soft for many days. A very popular light cereal grain loaf.


Wholemeal Bread Premix

Produced from 68% wholegrain roller milled flour and 25% bakers flour, our Wholemeal Bread Premix produces a crusty, full flavoured loaf of great volume and appearance.


Self Raising Flour

A classic. Our self raising flour creates a wonderful base for home baked cakes, pastries and breads. Only available in 1.2kg box.