As a stockfeed and flour manufacturer Cummins Milling is in a unique position to share expertise and raw materials across two distinct product ranges.

One example where this expertise comes together is in our horse feed.

Through adding rye bran and pollard to our horse pellets we produce a unique product that has better fibre, odour and colour.

Our horse pellets are increasingly being used by the racing industry who report better strength, agility, performance and appearance of their horses as a result.

Food Type Description Spec. Sheet
Horse Pellets Butterfields High Performance, a highly palatable and nutritious pellet for mature horses. Spec Sheet
Horse Breeder Pellets Butterfields Cool starter, a highly palatable and nutritious pellet for all mares and foals. Spec. Sheet
Coolgrow Pony A complete feed for all horses, high in protein and magnesium and low in starch and energy. A great cool pellet – just add roughage. Spec. Sheet
Premium Grain Horse mix Premium Grain Horse mix Spec. Sheet