Dogs guinea pigs & rabbits

"Quality feed for your pets."

For working dogs, our low cost dog food offers great value for money.

We offer a complete diet for guinea pigs which uses chaff and a mixture of seeds.

For rabbits we have used Lucerne to give our pellets natural colouring, which rabbits find very appealing.

They are also high in protein.

Quality Pet feed
Flour Type Description Spec. Sheet
Dog Tucker Formulated for the complete nutritional requirements of all dogs, including 20% protein. Packed with energy, vitamins and minerals. Very economically priced, with molasses flavour for taste. Spec sheet
Rabbit and Guinea Pig Mix Complete food that requires no other feeding. Nutritionally balanced and palatable food, with chaff for healthy digestion and all essential vitamins required by guinea pigs and rabbits. spec sheet
Rabbit Pellets A well balanced feed for either pet rabbits or rabbits bred commercially. Containing all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health. spec sheet