"Our state-of-the-art mill allows us to easily tailor production to suit your exact requirements."

Our premixes can be used in commercial bakeries or retailed to the home baker for use in a bread machine.

We produce a number of different premixes that all live up to the Cummins Milling quality standards.

Flour Type Description Spec. sheet
Soft White Bread Premix Provides very soft textured bread with a lovely light texture and a soft crust. Specification sheet
Crusty White Bread Premix Produces a delightful crusty loaf of wonderful volume, appearance and flavour. Specification Sheet
Wholemeal Bread Premix Produced from 68% wholemeal roller-milled flour and 25% First Quality Bakers Flour. Specification sheet
Multigrain Bread Premix Provides a wholesome crusty loaf of medium texture and contains a healthy variety of whole cereal grains. Specification Sheet
Rye Bread Premix Provides a crusty full flavoured loaf of great appearance. The rye bread mix is produced from 25% rye flour and 70% strong wheat flour. The premix can achieve greater lift through the addition of our Soft White Premix. Specification sheet
Hi Fibre Soft White Bread Premix Provides a very soft textured bread with high fibre content. Specification Sheet
Soya & Linseed Bread Premix Produces a pleasantly flavoured and attractive loaf. A very popular light cereal grain loaf. Specification sheet
Bun Premix
Produces a wide range of sweet yeast goods. Many items can be made from this premix e.g. raisin bread, fruit loaves, buns, dinner rolls and hamburger buns. Specification Sheet