Our latest upgrading of the stockfeed plant has given Cummins Milling two distinct advantages when it comes to sheep and cattle food.

  • We can now produce pellets that encourage your stock to eat any dry matter, for example cereal stubble, which means less wastage on your farm.
  • Our new 'cooling' facility cools down pellets before they are packaged so they don't sweat in the bag or bin. Extremely dry pellets can be stored for longer.
For farmers exporting beef and sheep, you can enjoy particular peace of mind. We do not use meat meal therefore can be 100% confident that none of our food is at risk of contamination. Instead, we have found safer and more innovative ways of incorporating protein and phosphorus.
Sheep & Cattle

Our lamb concentrate pellets are particularly reliable. In the words of one of our farming customers:
"They just don't break down – your lamb concentrate pellets stand up extremely well to repeat handling during the mixing process."

Flour Type Description

Spec. Sheet

Sheep Nuts Excellent sheep feed that stimulates sheep to make better use of low quality roughage. Improve your lambing percentages, maintain better lambs and promote better health and condition. Can maintain store condition at reasonable cost. Spec. Sheet
Lamb Crumbles An excellent feed for lambs that are just starting on solid food. Spec. Sheet
Grain & Legume Premix A feedlot concentrate for sheep or lambs, used when you have both cereals and legumes. Very economical feed additive, included at a rate of 4% of grain weight.  
Grain Balancer Premix A feedlot concentrate for sheep or lambs, used when you have only cereals (with no legumes on the farm). To be included at a rate of 8%.  
Lamb Pellets Provides a progressive step for lambs after they have been weaned from milk to lamb crumbles. A higher fibre product that helps lambs’ digestive systems move to dry feed. Spec. Sheet
Lamb Concentrate Pellets A feedlot concentrate pellet for sheep or lambs, with excellent mixing and low dust. Excellent feed conversion, giving market weights without wasted grain or time. Ideal when you have no legumes (plus enhanced performance with 10% legumes). Spec. Sheet
Calmagphos Ewe Mineral Lick Delivers a palatable source of magnesium and calcium to lactating ewes at correct proportions, reducing the risk of an imbalance in an animal’s calcium:phosphorous ratio. Spec. Sheet
Cattle Sustain Nuts Supplementary feed in Summer: stimulates cattle to use low quality roughage well. Improves calving percentages, maintains calves and promotes better health and condition. Ensures store condition at reasonable cost. Spec. Sheet
Cattle Concentrate Pellets A feedlot pellet mixed with farmers’ grain for lot feeding beef cattle and ensuring prime beef production. Maximises feed conversion and achieves mortal weight rapidly. Spec. Sheet
Calf Pellets An ideal follow-on from cow’s colostrum milk and/or substitute milk. Calf pellets gradually wean calves onto solid feed and gives them an excellent start for prime beef production. Spec. Sheet
Stud Ram Mix A complete and balanced feed designed to maximise growth rates while maintaining fertility in high value stud stock. Made to order in 40kg bags. Spec. Sheet