Specialty Flour and other baking products

We can offer an incredibly wide range of flour types thanks to our fantastic location in the heart of one of largest grain growing areas in Australia.

The Eyre Peninsula is diverse enough to provide every sort of grain. For example, soft flour comes from wheat grown near Port Lincoln where they have more rain.

Rye flour comes from grain grown centrally on the Eyre Peninsula on sandy rises in paddocks. This diversity allows us to customise our products and tailor to each customer's requirements.

For example by producing six different types of wholemeal flour alone we can offer a lighter wholemeal for Indian cooking, or a denser wholemeal for flat breads.

Flour Type Description

Spec. Sheet

Unbleached First Quality Pizza Flour This product is unbleached and uses a combination of wheat grains where denser dough is required for pizza manufacture. Specification Sheet
Semolina Both coarse and fine semolina is available for use in continental breads, crusty loaves and for toppings on bread and rolls. Specification Sheet
Unprocessed Bran Unprocessed Bran contains the highest fibre content because it is not processed or refined. Specification Sheet
Self Raising Flour Self Raising Flour is produced at Cummins Mill from high quality premium wheat grown on the Eyre Peninsula. Self Raising Flour creates a wonderful base for many of your home baked cakes. This SR Flour has an increased level of sodium bicarbonate in order to reduce coarseness when cooking. Specification Sheet