Commercial Flour

“Our most recent mill upgrade gives our flour even greater consistency.”

Milling flour for over 80 years means that we know a great deal about producing the finest quality flour. Our customers have come to appreciate our consistent and premium flour, offered throughout our versatile and wide range of flour products.

It all starts with our close and long-standing relationships with local grain growers. Because we buy direct from farmers who reach our five-step Gold Grain Standard, we enjoy ultimate confidence in our raw materials. For example, all bread flour is made from hand-selected wheat containing higher protein ranges, meaning the flour goes further.

As we’re not producing hundreds of tonnes of flour per day, we can pay very close attention to quality control. Our operational procedures are extremely strict, in order to maintain quality levels, and all flour leaves the premises no earlier than two weeks post-production. This allows for an important ‘settling’ period. We include a Best Before date on all products, which is normally 6 months for premixes, 4 months for wholemeal variants and 12 months for all other flour. However, these dates are simply a guide – integrity of the product is not necessarily compromised after that date.

The most recent mill upgrade has meant even greater consistency. For example, our new rolls give a more consistent grinding pressure and heat throughout the milling process. This results in high performance flour time after time. We are the only mill in Australia to fortify flour through a batch mixing process, carried out in a ribbon mixer. This process ensures that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed, avoiding variations between bags.

We produce a range of white, wholemeal, multigrain and rye flour products as well as premixes that can be used in baking and in the production of pastry, pizza and pasta. We have divided our flour products into three categories: