Basic Flour

“We are the only Australian mill to fortify flour through a batch mixing process, so our ingredients are thoroughly mixed with no variations between bags.”

Higher Protein

All our bread flour is made from wheat with higher protein ranges than the industry average (by at least 0.5%). This means that less flour is needed in each loaf, giving bakers much better value for money.

Self Raising Flour

Creates a wonderful base for home baked cakes.

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First Quality Bakers Flour

 Ideal for bakers who wish to create their own masterpieces. 

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Unbleached First Quality Strong Flour

The strongest South Australian flour. A protein level of 12.4% gives great water absorption and loaf volume. It also has sufficient lift for bread manufacture. 

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Wholemeal Flour

 A wholegrain roller milled flour with no additives. 

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Wholemeal Flour 90:10

A ‘whiter wholemeal’ option where greater lift is desired than normally achieved from 100% wholemeal flour. 

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Unbleached First Quality Plain Flour

With a lower protein range this flour can be used as dusting flour, for use in batters and biscuits and for other applications where water absorption is not critical. 

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