Premixes Commercial Flour

“Our state-of-the-art mill allows us to easily tailor production to suit your exact requirements.”

Quality Standard

Our premixes can be used in commercial bakeries or retailed to the home baker for use in a bread machine.
We produce a number of different premixes that all live up to the Cummins Milling quality standards.

Crusty White Bread Premix

 Produces a delightful crusty loaf of wonderful volume, appearance and flavour.

Specification Sheet

Soya & Linseed Bread Premix

Produces a pleasantly flavoured and attractive loaf. A very popular light cereal grain loaf.

Specification Sheet

Wholemeal Bread Premix

 Produced from 68% wholemeal roller-milled flour and 25% First Quality Bakers Flour.

Specification Sheet

Bun Premix

Produces a wide range of sweet yeast goods. Many items can be made from this premix e.g. raisin bread, fruit loaves, buns, dinner rolls and hamburger buns.

Specification Sheet