"We can produce any kind of grain-based food for any living animal - to a consistently high standard."

The health of your animals is extremely important, and is the focus of our stockfeed products. Our tried and tested feed ensures that your animals are not deficient in any dietary requirement – we believe that good feeding will maximise an animal’s ability to reach its genetic potential.

A state-of-the-art stockfeed plant lets us produce any kind of grain-based food for any living animal. In listening to our customers we are able to tailor our feed solutions to suit exact requirements.

For example, we can formulate the right concentrate in our feed to match your base grain protein analysis; tailor sheep nuts to address particular mineral deficiencies; or improve the growth rate of rodents through new formulations.

We regularly consult with stockfeed ingredient manufacturers and consultant nutritionists. When considering any changes to animal feed we follow a strict process both to achieve the right solution and make sure it can be consistently produced.

Not only can we produce stockfeed, poultry and pet food to a consistently high standard, we can also be 100% confident that none of our food is at risk of contamination from meat meal or other restricted animal materials. That’s because we stopped using meat meal in 2009.

Instead, we have found safer and more innovate ways of incorporating protein and phosphorus. So our customers who export beef and sheep in particular can enjoy peace of mind that their produce will not be rejected for export.