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Gold Grain Seal

Cummins Milling is one of the oldest flour mills in Australia. We have been processing wheat and rye for over 80 years and produce a range of premium cereal flour and stockfeed products.

As a family-owned business operating in South Australia we have developed an extremely versatile mill. We use the latest production methods and apply them to the best grains we can find. The result is a premium, clean and natural product.

We are located in the heart of the 'grain country' in Cummins, on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. This gives us an ideal central location, allowing us not only to source the best raw materials but also to deliver easily to all parts of Australia.

Many different customers benefit from Cummins Milling products:

Flour Stockfeed
• Bakeries • Livestock producers
• Food retailers • Pet owners
• Flour distributors • Racehorse trainers
• Home baker • Stockfeed distributors
  • Stockfeed stores
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Home Baker "Let's get baking"


We are pleased to launch our home baker flour range. Tips and recipes available.